New Authors

By Ron Cassidy MBE


In recommending the works of George Caldwell and Robert Cooper to you, I do so for two reasons. Firstly because they have produced histories of the Rifle Brigade that are based on deeply researched fact which brings a new and refreshing approach to any work carried out previously by a Regimental author.

The Rifle Brigade can count itself fortunate that George Caldwell, who served in the Regiment from 1963 to 1974, seeing service with the Royal Green Jackets from 1966, is ably assisted by Robert Cooper who though not having served in the forces, is passionate about all things military and in particular about the Rifle Brigade.

Their main contributions to date have been, Rifle Green at Waterloo , Rifle Green in the Crimea and Volume I Rifle Green in the Peninsula . Rifle Green at Waterloo has already sold out.

Secondly as soon as their outlay to date, for they are not funded, has been recovered they will continue to research and get published the remaining volumes of the Peninsular War. From my viewpoint as someone who researches constantly in the archives of the Royal Green Jackets museum for those seeking information about the antecedent Regiments and, also for anyone who is interested in the 95th these books are a must, for their research and attention to detail is remarkable. Both General Sir James Glover and Lieutenant General Sir Peter Hudson have written glowing reports in the forewords and noted historians such as Philip J.Haythornthwaite and Michael Barthorp have continued so in their Introductions.

The following are for sale:

1.  Rifles at Waterloo, paper back A4 illustrated book. £4:50. (post-free within UK).

2.  Rifle Green in the Crimean, hard back illustrated book including maps, full medal and casualty roll, of both battalions the Rifle Brigade. Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies. £25:00. (post-free within UK).

3.  Rifle Green in the Peninsula, volume one. Illustrated hard back, with four coloured plates and medal roll, limited to 600 first edition copies. £27:50 (UK only).

4.   Prints are also available at £25:00 post-free. (post-free within UK) See below.

  • battle-of-corunna-1809
    Battle of Corunna. 1st Battalion 95th Rifles in action at the ' Battle of Curunna' 16th January 1809. The Medical Officer lies wounded attended by a member of the band. Two Buglers flank the main figures of a Colour Sergeant and Officer. Painting by James Dann for Volume One `Rifle Green in the Peninsula' 1999. Note the Colour Sergeant`s rank, and an original one is shown in the museum. A reminder that the 95th placed much reliance on Buglers sounding calls.
  • retreat-to-corunna-1st-95th
    Retreat from Northern Spain towards Corunna. 1st Battalion 95th Rifles acting as Rearguard, after Craufurds Light Brigade left for Vigo, January 1809. Painting by James Dann for Volume One of `Rifle Green in the Peninsula'. Note: In the Rifleman's cap helping the Corporal can be seen the red cockade in respect of the Spanish, when crossing from Portugal to Spain.
  • mondego bay
    Mondego Bay. 2nd Battalion 95"' Rifles landing in 1808, along with companies from the 60th Rifles. Major Travers is the mounted officer and the transports can be seen out beyond the sand bar, which required the troops to be brought to shore by the ship's boats. Painting by James Dann for Volume One of `Rifle Green in the Peninsula, 1999.

Orders with cheque made out to Bugle Horn Publications , should be sent to, George Caldwell, Bracken Brae, Four Miles Bridge, Holyhead, Anglesey. LL65 2EJ.

I am given to understand by George Caldwell that after the Peninsula he is keen to undertake the Rifle Brigade in South Africa 1847-48, 50-53 and then the Indian Mutiny. We must all do what we can to support this Regimental Author. Purchase now and help.