Why The Poppies?

Author: Peter Spira


Not long ago, a friend of mine, who also served in the Royal Green Jackets, was buying poppies for his young grandchildren prior to Remembrance Sunday. Being their first experience of such an event, they asked “Grandpa, why the poppies?” He answered the question by writing a booklet with an account of what led to the outbreak of World War I. He describes the major events during those four years of attrition followed by the build up to World War II and the key elements of that war as well. He has called this booklet Why the Poppies? (40 pp). I have played a small part in its production. The booklet is written for all readers, and is particularly relevant as the centenary of the outbreak of World War I approaches. Field Marshal The Lord Bramall KG GCB OBE MC has written a Commendation.

Attached is a flier/order form from which you see that All profits will go to he Rifles “Care for Casualties” Appeal. The Appeal Organisers have decided to offer Why the Poppies at a minimum price of £10.00 per copy; out of this comes the cost of printing, packing and postage of £3.75 leaving £6.25 to go to The Rifles Appeal Fund. If you would like to make an extra donation in the space provided on the attached flier/order form, it will be gratefully received.

John Bendit

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