Honours and Awards post 2007

The honours and awards shown are those that have been published in the London Gazette in December 2006, the New Years Honours list 2007 and those following the merger of the founding regiments of The Rilfes.

It is felt that we should carry these honours and awards as in many cases they will have been awarded to former RGJ members and given the integration within the battalions of personnel from all of the founding regiments it would be extremely difficult to decide who was formerly a Green Jacket.  This will be especially so as the years progress.  Therefore all honours and awards are shown.

Operational Honours List Number 28
15th December 2006
Capt Illingworth LI
Lt Col Bowron DSO LI
Lcpl NAT Coleman DDLI
Maj RA Head LI
New Years Honours List
Lt Gen RV Brims CBE DSO Late LI
Col EP Davies MBE Late LI
Lt Col SCD Mills LI
Lt Col TB Radford MBE LI
Lt Col ME Thornton LI
Capt TH Wilson-Hutton-Stott RRV
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2007
Maj Gen NJ Cottam OBE Late RGJ
Col (Hon Brig) HCG Willing Late RGJ
Lt Col DJ Harrison
WO1 WH Arkley
Capt CB Smith
WO2 MA Lamble
Csjt EP Goodwin (Band of the Rifles)
Operational Honours List Number 29
19th July 2007
Iraq MC Rfn J Sivoinauca
  MID Lt Col MJE Ellis
    Lcpl SA Flores
    Major ME Foster-Brown
    Rfn DR Jones
    Rfn VR Ratu
New Years Honours List
  KCVO Sir James Tidmarsh MBE (Lately Lord Lieutenant of Bristol)
  OBE Lt Col PJA Balls
Operational Honours List Number 30   7th March 2008
Iraq MBE Maj JA Stevens
  DSO Brig TP Evans MBE
    Lt Col JCW Maciejewski MBE
  MC 2Lt RGS Lane
    Rfn MD Lunn
    WO2 RA Poulter
  MID Rfn B Campbell
    Rfn AC Gormley
    Maj PHG Harding (Killed in Action)
    Maj QWM Naylor MBE
    WO2 LR Roberts
    LT CA San Jose
    Capt EA Smith
    Cpl RL Wilson (Killed in Action)
  QCB Sjt TW Taylor
  QCVS Rfn Hossam Geali
Queen's Birthday Honours List 2008
  OBE Lt Col DAJ Brow
  MBE Maj AKJ Norman-Walker
    WO1 J Dawson
    WO2 GP Hyatt
Operational Honours List Number 31   25th July 2008
  MBE Maj MC Gidlow-Jackson
  MID Maj ME Milford
Iraq DSO Col PNYM Sanders OBE
  MID Lt HG Bomford
    Sgt KSA Gahgan
    Rfn JA Irving
  QCVS Maj TR Copinger-Symes
New Years Honours List 2009
  RVM Former Bugle Major John Powell