RGJRA Key Personnel


Listed below are the names of the key personnel within the association and their responsibilities.

Maj Gen Jamie Balfour CBE DL President RGJRA
Brig HCG Willing CBE Chairman RGJRA
Mr Simon Booth-Mason Deputy Chairman RGJRA
Lt Col J-D von Merveldt Secretary
Mr Mike  Marr Treasurer
Mr Kevin Stevens Manager/Editor, Swift&Bold team, E-Zine team
Mr Seamus Lyons Webmaster, Swift&Bold team, E-Zine team
Mr Roy Baillie Database Manager
Mr Mark Adams Guestbook / Bulletin Board Manager
Membership - Officers  
Lt Col Jan-Dirk von Merveldt The Rifles (London Office)
Membership - Other Ranks
Mr Mike  Marr Membership Secretary

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I joined the Association at last year’s Reunion but since then I have not been contacted at all. My renewal date is approaching. What should I do?

2. What advantages are there to being a paid up member of the Association?

3. Suppose I choose not to be a paid up Association member, will I still be allowed to access and use the RGJ Database?

4. Suppose I do not receive my membership card in time for one of the annual Reunions, will I have to pay again to get in?

5. Why have I not been contacted about using the Database?

6. I joined the Association when I first joined the Regiment in 196X. I was told I was then a life member and paid a one off fee. How come I am now being asked to pay annually for membership?

7. How come we have to pay now but did not need to in the past?


1. You should contact the Membership Secretary, Mike Marr, immediately using the contact details provided above.

2. You will be entitled to entry to both the Association Reunions at Winchester (£5 admission fee for members and £10 for non-members. Guests (wives/girlfriends/boyfriends etc.) attending Winchester with full members are also charged £5.00 each), and Oxford (no admission fee for members and £5 for non-members) and as a full member of the Association you will be entitled to free entry to the Association Database where you can search for and contact any one of the current 5000 users who choose to display their address details. In the future every effort will be made to add to these benefits. You will also receive a copy of Swift and Bold.

3. As a non-paying member of the Association you will still be allowed to access the RGJ Database but you will not be able to view the address details of other users. Your own details will be visible to paid up members should you choose to display them.

4. You will not have to pay again. Your name and details will be added to a list at the entrance point and you will be admitted as a full paid up member.

5. You will only have been contacted about the Database if you have kept us up to date with your current email address. At the time of launch 400 of 1953 information emails were returned as undeliverable.

6. Those of us who joined in the early days of the Regiment were all told the same and your membership of the Association is not in dispute. However, the annual fee of £10 that is charged is not so much a membership fee as the charge we need to levy to provide the financial support for the services that members want such as the Winchester and Oxford Reunions and the web sites that provide members with the means to communicate with each other. It’s not really a membership fee but more a charge for the amenities that are provided. Without that levy we would not be able to provide such Association activities.

7. The Army has changed a great deal since the early days of providing everything that was needed by both the Regiment and the Association. These days every penny has to be accounted for and long gone are the days when the Association was supported by the Regiment. We, as the RGJ, no longer exist within the Army and so must support ourselves. Even so a certain amount of money has been set aside and invested so that the income from investments will help to support the Association now and in the future.