Serjeant Paul McAleese
2nd Battalion The Rifles
20th August 2009


Serjeant Paul McAleese was born in Hereford on 18 October 1979. He began his Army training in March 1997 and joined the 1st Battalion, The Royal Green Jackets, in August. A natural soldier, he rose through the ranks quickly and found his calling in the Sniper Platoon.

As a Rifleman he completed the demanding Close Observation Platoon Course before going on to complete the infantry's gruelling Section Commanders and Platoon Sergeants Battle Courses with distinction.

A keen boxer and rugby player, Serjeant McAleese was fit and unbelievably tough. After tours of Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Kosovo, he relished life in Afghanistan and was outstanding as a Sniper Team Commander in Kajaki.

Recently moved to take over as a Rifle Platoon Serjeant following the injury of a colleague, he excelled on the streets of Wishtan, Sangin, and was at the centre of so many of the incidents of the last few weeks.

One of the best of his generation, Serjeant McAleese was destined for truly great things. He died in an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion on 20 August 2009 whilst helping to secure a key thoroughfare in theSangin area as part of providing security for the elections.

Serjeant McAleese leaves his wife, Jo, and his adored young son, Charley, born just a week before he deployed to Afghanistan.