Branch History

The Australasian Branch of The Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association was formed in February 2000 by the Chairman, searching for former members of the Regiment now living in Australia. The first newsletter was issued in August 2001 with that inaugural newsletter being included into the pages of The Royal Green Jackets Regimental Association Internet Branch website.

By November 3rd 2001 the Branch had grown to 28 members and was awarded Official status as a full Branch of the Association by Regimental Headquarters at Peninsula Barracks Winchester.

In March 2002 Major General Andrew Pringle CB CBE accepted the position as Branch President with the membership then standing at 38. The first Branch article appeared in the official Royal Green Jackets Association magazine “Swift & Bold”.

In April 2002 the Branch made its public debut, with members marching at the Anzac Day ceremony, and followed this in November of the same year at the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Perth, Western Australia. This has been repeated every year since.

The Branch has achieved many notable accomplishments since its inception with its most recent highlight being the Anzac Day 2007 Ceremony where the Branch members were joined by a 50 member contingent of the Band and Bugles of The Rifles, marching with the Branch at 140 paces a minute through the streets of Perth to a resounding response from onlookers.

The Branch membership as of September 2013 is 48 fully paid up members in Australia and 20 affiliated former Green Jackets living in the UK, most of which have travelled to Australia to join in Branch activities. Sadly, since its formation, the branch has lost a growing list of its members to terminal illness. However they remain with us in spirit, as once a Green Jacket, always a Green Jacket and they will not be forgotten.

The Prayer of The Royal Green Jackets

“Almighty God, Creator and preserver of all mankind, we beseech thee, in they wisdom to guide and guard us, Thy servants of the Royal Green Jackets. Make us worthy of the great traditions bound up in the union of our three regiments, as thy servants of old were chosen to obey with speed, may we be bold in running the race that is set before us. This we ask through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen”.