Welcome from the Committee and Members of the Oxford Branch of the Royal Green Jackets Association.

Our aims are firstly for branch members, some who first met as serving Riflemen in a Green Jacket battalion over fifty years ago, to keep in touch, exchange views on all topics and, also bridge the mileage gap that has built up between us all. This is best illustrated in the Branch History.

Secondly, to encourage Green Jackets who have yet to join to make the effort to get in touch with chums of yesteryear and to rekindle the spirit and resolve that was commonplace when serving.

Thirdly, for the interested viewer to find out how the branch works in its support for individuals and this great Regiment the Royal Green Jackets whose antecedent Regiments, the 43rd , the 52nd , the 60th , and the 95th held reputations that were second to none. As does our living Regiment, The Rifles*.

* The former regiments of the Royal Green Jackets were the innovators of modern day infantry tactics who concentrated on individual marksmanship, self discipline and a mutual respect between all ranks. The remainder of the army has long since adopted these principles and the Royal Green Jackets continued to improve upon the original concepts. The Royal Green Jackets with the Light Infantry, The Devon and Dorset Light Infantry, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry and the Rifle Volunteers (TA) formed a new Regiment called The Rifles on 1st February 2007.

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