1. This website is classified as "Restricted" and is covered by the Official Secrets 1955 chapter 15, paragraph 12, sub paragraph a, line 14, words 5 to 9.

2. Before entering the website you are advised to read the relevant passages covering the Official Secrets Act which are contained in the Manual of Military Law and Queen's Regulations appertaining to the consequences of the misuse of restricted material contained within official, semi official or non official websites as laid down in the relevant Act of Parliament of March 1969 entitled "The Rules of Engagement" as amended by the Parliament Act of 1975 and revised by the the Ministry of Defence 1982 therby making the original act obselete at that time.

3. Visitors to this website should ensure that they carry no offensive weapons about their person beyond this page, failure to comply with this instruction may leave the offender liable to a fine not exceeding £5000 or 6 months imprisonment at a place to be decided by the relevant courts of jurisdiction in the country in which the offence was committed, as laid down in the relevant Act of Parliament of April 2001 as amended for those no longer serving in Her Majesty's Forces in the UK and overseas but excluding those members of the armed forces who are currently serving in an active role outside the European Community unless subject to the local customs and traditions of that country where a waiver has been granted by the Ministry of Defence (Army) for such persons to be prosecuted under the aforementioned act. No purchase is necessary and terms and conditions apply. Players must be over 16yrs of age or much older.

4. This does not apply to those currently serving or who have served in either the Royal Navy or Royal Marines especially those who have sold stories to the press after unfortunate capture in Iranian waters or the Royal Air Force unless at the time of the offence they were attached on active service to the Army serving in an area as previousy defined in paragraph 3.

5. This website is covered by the following conditions which everyone entering the website are required to comply with:

6. Be alert ! This coutry needs more lerts.

7. In the event of fire especially friendly fire coming from the direction of the colonials over the pond to the west of this once great country of ours - take cover.

8.  Members of the Slytheen from Raxacoricofallapatoria are not at any time permitted to enter this website wearing anything else other than their own skins, skins removed from humans are not allowed.  Billy Piper has full access to this site at all times despite marrying that Foxy person recently, he is after all better than that ginger whinger !! Catherine Tate may also enter if bovvered.

Please indicate you have read and accept the terms and conditions as laid down. Please keep your hands in your pockets at all times and leave the weapons alone, they are for the use of the boys who wear the black stuff only. No purchase is necessary and only one entry per household is allowed.


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