Who is Randy McFlab?

Randy McFlab is a soldier's solder in the same way that Kenneth Williams was a man's man. Loved by many, feared by even more and ignored by the ignorant he is the ultimate soldier.

Much has been written about him most of which can not be read by the general public, his exploits during his service with the Special Air Service are legendary. and since that other bloke with a similar sounding name left the regiment McFlab is now the most decorated soldier serving with 4 top coats and as many underoats.

Read what other people have said about McFlab then read his biography for the never before revealed details of his early life:

Brig Leftbridge-Stewart U.N.I.T. former CO 22 SAS "The men will follow McFlab anywhere if only out of curiosity"

Lt WNB Jackson RGJ Pl Comd Rifle Depot "McFlab will go far and the sooner he starts the better"

Lt Gen Sir Peter `De La Bellihair "Who?"

WO1 (RSM) J Jefferies 22 SAS "When McFlab retires the regiment will be that much poorer, steps are already being taken to hide all the valuables away from him"

Padraig O'Flannel PIRA deceased "British basta...... bugger he's slotted me"

Osama Bin Liner Taliban " I see you I keeeeel you - maybe"

With such glowing testimonials ( the M.O. has given him some cream for these ) who can doubt his bravery and devotion to duty.

McFlab has seen action in many theatres including the New Theatre in Oxford and the Saddlers Wells and the Soho theatres in London. With his team consisting of Tabbers, Fiji Sid and Trotter backed up in RHQ by Sjt "Dotty" Morse and in the squadron office by Cpl (I nearly won a VC) Steve Wyenott he is the leader of a formidable fighting team.

Now read on to discover about his early life. Click on "Biography" to read his life story or choose "McFlab's diaries" to read of his adventures.



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SAS Quotes

Death is natures way of saying you have just failed SAS selection"
John Wiseman, survival expert.

"Take a good look around you at the people with you, as you probably won't be seeing them for very long" Anon

"Actually, Your Majesty, I quite enjoyed it", Peter Ratcliffe's, ex SAS, answer to the Queen, when she asked him if the Gulf war had been terrible.

"I turned left out of the cell door and then dogged left left again heading for the lights making sure that I kept to the shadows I dogged left again and then boxed the area and dogged left again, after all this dogging I landed up where I had started but with a new room mate called Stan Collie something." WO2 Randy McFlab


McFlab deep under cover