Rifleman David Griffiths


David was born in Liverpool on 3rd March 1952 and was killed in Northern Ireland on 30th August 1972 while serving with 3 RGJ. He is buried at Allerton Cemetery.

After discovering that David Griffiths's name was not on the memorial stone in St Georges gardens, we also found that his grave remained bare, that no headstone was in place.

One of our members did try at the time to trace relatives through the Cemetery authorities at Calderstones for their permission to lay a headstone but unfortunately with no success. We knew that his mother and father were no longer with us, and we understood that he had no brothers or sisters and the grave had been left unattended for years. There was a glimmer of hope though in that we were told that a memorial cross had been placed on the grave the year before.

Rfn David Griffiths

We contacted the Liverpool Echo asking them if they would publicise that we were looking for relatives of David Griffiths as we needed their permission to place a headstone on his grave.

The Liverpool Echo publicised everything and more than what we asked for and on the night it went out we had a call from one of his brothers. He had brothers and a sister still living and they were only too happy to give us their permission to lay a headstone.

We started to raise money towards a headstone for his grave and planned to have it in position before the 25th anniversary of his death. We found a friendly and sympathetic stone mason who provided us with a headstone of our choice at cost price.

Members of the branch and of his family attended a ceremony and layed a wreath on his grave, now complete with a headstone, at Allerton Cemetery on Saturday 26th July 1997 at 1800 hrs. Later on that evening we held a social evening at Deysbrook Barracks, Liverpool, so that the family could meet some of Davids friends and members of our Association and some of the people who had donated to the headstone.