Mondego Bay-2nd 95th Rifles landing in 1808, along with companies, from the 5th Bn 60th Rifles. Major Travis is the mounted officer and the transports can be seen out beyond the sand bar, which required the troops be brought ashore by the ship’s boats.

Death of Lieutenant Ralph Bunbury 2nd Bn 95th Rifles at Obidos August 1808. He was the first British officer to be killed in the Peninsular War.

Retreat from Northern Spain towards Corunna. 1st Bn 95th Rifles Acting as Rearguard-after Craufurd’s Light Brigade left for Vigo, in January 1909.

1st Bn 95th Rifles in action at the ‘Battle of Corunna’ 16th January 1809. The medical officer lies wounded attended by a member of the band, two buglers flank the main figures of a Colour-Sergeant and Officer.

The above pictures were published in Volume 1 of Rifle Green in the Peninsula; more pictures are contained in volumes two and three.
The volumes give comprehensive accounts of the 95th of Foot in The Peninsula Campaign of 1808-14, together with the Military General Service Medal Official Entitlement and Actual Entitlement as proven by the Paylists. Fully illustrated throughout with Maps, Photographs, Paintings and Scene Reconstruction.
Volume 1 covers the battles of Rolica, Vimeiro and Corunna.
Volume 2 covers the battles of Talavera, Busaco, Barrosa and Fuentes de Onoro.
Volume 3 covers the battles of, Badajoz, Salamanca, Advance to Madrid and retreat into Portugal, Vitoria and 2nd 95th Rifles in Spain (Tarifa).

George Caldwell and Robert Cooper
Illustrated by James Dann

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The Rear-Guard by J.P. Beadle. Brigadier-General Craufurd with his rearguard on the retreat to Vigo in December of 1808; 2nd 95th Rifles, 43rd and 52nd Light Infantry