Activities and Meetings 2016

9th February
8th March
Social Gathering (Entertainments Member)
5th April
Formal Meeting
10th May
Social Gathering
7th June

Formal Meeting (50th Anniversary and Veterans Day Preparation)

9th July
Veterans Day ('A' Team, Peter Andrews Lead)
18th July
Veteran's Day ('A' Team, Peter French lead)
9th August
Social Gathering
6th September
Formal Meeting
Laser Shoot and BBQ (Pat Low, Chris Mitchell, Dave Lindsay Lead)
11th October
Social Gathering
8th November
Formal Meeting
13th November
Remembrance Day and Lunch
3rd December
Branch Christmas Party
1st January 2017
Regimental Birthday


1. All live firing Pigeon Shoots will be run by Pat Low via the ATR/W calendar.
2. There will be an organised Skittles Night during the year, date to follow.
3. Armed Forces Day to be organised by the Committee.
4. An organised Cricket Match will be held this year, date to follow.